Grooming & Services


We are a full grooming service, and grooming is always available to pets while being boarded.

Bath Plus (while boarding)
Bath Plus is a double cleaning with a veterinary grade shampoo suited for your pet's coat, skin and age. The Bath Plus has become very popular because it is reasonably priced, your pet is very pleasant (which lasts for 10+ days), and several typical cleaning and grooming maintenance issues are routinely taken care of conveniently for you.

Grooming (Pet Size) Small
Medium Large

Day Bath Plus - Includes $15 1/2 daycare charge.
The services of Bath Plus, for non-boarders who enjoy a day at Ivanhoe's Bed 'n Breakfast for Pets. We even throw in treats and TLC!

Special Rinses and Washes
We offer the following special rinses and washes for your pet, at an additional $5 - $10 each.

  • Soothing Medicated Rinse: Relieves dry skin and itching
  • Oatmeal & Aloe Rinse: Makes pets feel great and improves their skin and coat
  • Flea & Tick Wash: Helps keep these unwanted pests off your pet
  • Brilliant White Wash: Helps draw stains out of white coats
  • Shiny Black Wash: Adds glisten to a black coat

Trims You May Like
We will give your dog a haircut, along with a Bath Plus. Detailed trims are dependent upon availability of a groomer.

Pet Size Price
Small to Medium (1-49 lbs.)$80 & up
Large to X-Large (50+ lbs.)$100 & up

Nail Trimming
Many dogs need to have their nails routinely trimmed for good health. Very active dogs and dogs on concrete can generally keep their nails filed with normal activity. Less active dogs, older dogs and smaller dogs do not fair as well, and should routinely have their nails trimmed. Without the proper "know how" and equipment, this can be uncomfortable and result in bleeding. Price: $36.00

Ear Cleaning
Many dogs have a typical build up of wax, if left unclean it can lead to yeast infections and chronic ear problems. We use the best ear cleaning solutions available and can perform a good, deep clean with most pets. The exception being a dog already battling a significant ear infection. Price: $20

Feet and pad trimming
Some breeds develop what I call "wooly feet", and benefit from having them trimmed up periodically. It is a good idea for sanitation and their health. Price: $40

Some breeds develop excess fur in areas around eyes, ears, muzzle, etc. These areas become problematic when "goop" accumulates. Trimming these up may contribute to your pets health and hygiene. Price: $50.00