Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What does your “all inclusive” mean?

All our services include large indoor/outdoor state-of-the-art suites. All our services include outdoor playtime, treats, social time and potty breaks.  We do not lure you in with a lower fee and then “up charge” the additional services for their pets comfort and enjoyment.

2.  What does your cute “Bed N Breakfast” and “Stay & Play” mean?

We offer two services for your pet’s enjoyment and well-being.  Your pet will receive extended exercise and play in one of four exercise yards that include a water park, shelter house and doggie jungle-gym equipment. We offer concrete, gravel and grass surfaces. Our “Bed N Breakfast” allows for private exercise and play while our “Stay & Play” is small group social time. Pets are let out on average twice daily. Additional play and walks can bet purchased at a nominal fee. Having real grass and gravel for exercise and potty breaks are important for dogs to experience normal potty breaks as well getting them off hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

3.  How often are the suites cleaned?

Your pet’s suite is cleaned twice daily.  We use kennel approved cleaning products that also disinfect your pet’s space.   Our facility rates as the cleanest in the industry!  There is a trend in newer “urban, suburban” facilities of allowing little or no outdoor activity, usually due to zoning issues. We feel strongly that this contributes to boarding stress and irregular bowel and urinary habits. We have also found that the outside playtime greatly enhances their stay, and makes for a cleaner-healthier atmosphere.

4.  What kind of surfaces will my pet be on while visiting your facility?

We installed the finest flooring and drainage system in the industry inside our building. We also offer three different surfaces in our play yards.  Having real grass and gravel for exercise and potty breaks are important for dogs to experience normal potty breaks as well getting them off hard surfaces for extended periods of time.  We also provide padded Sherpa bedding for your pets added comfort.

5.  How large is the space my pet will be kept in?

We offer 80 sq. ft. of indoor/outdoor space for all! The equivalent of the largest space offered by others facilities who offer a variety of sizes. We also have “Comfort Suites” with cute themes like The Beach House, The Ponderosa, Disney World, which provide a more “homey” feel.  Our facility is designed to offer separate quadrants between small, medium, intermediate and large dogs.

6.  Where are cats kept?

We have a separate “Kitty Condo” facility in a private area of the building... away from where dogs are kept.

7.  Is your building air conditioned?

Yes... and heated!

8.  Do you offer Daycare?

Yes we do.  With our four outdoor yards and indoor relaxation center, there is plenty of room to play and hangout, in age and size appropriate groups.  Because of our rural setting our Daycare pets enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a country setting as opposed a large inside room!

9.  Do you offer grooming?

Yes, we have a grooming studio, with state-of-the-art equipment. We are experienced in offering a range of grooming options. We routinely utilize techniques in pet massage, aroma therapy and heat therapy to enhance your pets grooming experience.

10.  Do you offer training?

Yes. We belong to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and offer proven training programs. We follow the “Canine Good Citizen” protocols, and our Head Trainer is one of two recognized evaluators for the program in the Greater Cincinnati area. As a result we are able to offer testing and certification for the CGC Program. The CGC Certification has become more prevalent as a prerequisite to admittance into many of the Therapy, assistance and rescue programs.

11.  Do you offer discounts?

We do offer multiple pet discounts when pets share a suite. We also offer “bundled service” discounts – where two or more service are combined (i.e. Daycare with grooming, boarding with training, etc), and we are in the process of creating “Benefits of Membership” program that will reward our frequent users.

12.  Who will be taking care of my pet?

All our staff is selected on the basis of having experience and a high level of interest in pet care. As owners operators with a wealth of experience in pet care we are always on site and directly involved in the day-to-day activities. We are members of the American Boarding and Kennel Association, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  We have been involved for over 25 years in raising, training, judging and showing English Springer Spaniels.

13.  What will my dog be fed?

We feed premium dry dog foods: Purina Pro-Plan, Diamond, Science Diet, Black Gold.  We also add canned, moist when necessary, and we provide treats to make your pet feel special. We can dispense your pets food if you prefer; and we can follow your feeding schedule.  We do ask that owners only bring in the amount of food necessary for your pets stay.

14.  What happens if a veterinarian is needed?

Although it has been very rare, we have an excellent relationship with the Veterinary offices and Emergency Clinics in the area.  We also have a Vet of record that we are able to consult with. We will always attempt to contact an owner or emergency contact provided to discuss an issue. Any veterinary care along with time and travel are the responsibility of the pets owner.

15.  Do you require deposits at the time a reservation is made?

We run a pre-authorization deposit on your pet's first stay to hold a reservation. Deposits are credited or refunded (pending circumstances) when we receive one weeks (7 days) notice of a cancellation. Inside of a week will be held as a future deposit. Repeated cancellations, late cancellations and no-shows will become cancellation fees.