We operate Ivanhoe Country Kennels on a six acre site in Lebanon, Ohio.

Our facility is new, clean and roomy. We have large indoor/outdoor runs with an additional 3 acres of enclosed exercise area. The building is air conditioned, heated and well ventilated.

We take pride that our superior pet boarding facilities maintain a dry atmosphere that is aromatically pleasant and sanitary. Our primary goal is to provide a happy and healthy experience for your pet.

Boarding Rates

Our rates are based on the size of your pet. When compared to other facilities you should note that all our suites are X-large indoor/outdoor suites, and we do not have hidden costs for exercise, potty breaks or playtime. We are all inclusive!

Service Package1-34 lbs.35-69 lbs.70+ lbs.Add'l Pet100+ lbs
Stay & Play, our best choice! Includes 80 sq. ft. state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor suite plus extended group play time and social time in our 3 acres of play yards with swimming.*$44$46$48$25$54
Bed N Breakfast, A quiet stay for our senior canines and/or less social pets. Includes same 80sq. ft. state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor suite, but allows private exercise time as opposed to group play.$44$46$50$25$54
Comfort Suites, the best choice for our "laid back" guests and our pampered pets. Our Suites, 42-50 sq. ft. of comfort and quiet...not intended for high energy hounds! Includes our Stay & Play service.$48$52$56$30$60
Kitty Condos are located in a high interactive area sure to keep your feline curiously amused. The state-of-the-art condos feature play equipment and provide a lot of visual stimulation.$28$14-
Doggie Day Care includes social time in the yard or nap time in the lounge. Treats and "puppy popsicles" always included.$2810 passes for $260$15-


Extra Services
We feed Premium dog food and hand out treats  daily at no charge.

Doggie Walks/ Park Romps/Private play.$10 per 30 min session (limit 2 sessions per day per dog)
Medications/ Additives / Vet. applications: eyes, ears, hot spots, etc.$1 per pill, $2 per application or administration
administered or with feed
Special diets and Science Diet meals for care of Digestive disorders per oder or administered at the kennels discretion $5 per feeding
Pick-ups and Deliveriesbased on per mile roundtrip and staff availability
Pet Assessments$35
Special Needs—Pets that might become ill, require heavy medication, or otherwise require special attention. Aggressive behavior, climbers, intact dogs (unnuetered/unspayed), etc.$60 per day for pets requiring special attention

Hours of Operation

* Please note how billing works at drop off through pick up

  • Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. We also offer pick-ups from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sundays. We do not offer business hours on Sunday mornings and major holidays.
  • The first boarding day is the day your pet is dropped off. If your pet is picked up in the morning - before noon; there is no charge for the day. If your pet is picked up in the evening - 3 to 6pm; there is an additional day's charge.
  • Multiple pet discounts are based on a shared suite. Intermediate and up limit of 2 per suite.
  • Ivanhoe Country Kennels will not offer business hours in observance of the following holidays: New Year's Eve (evening), New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (evenings) and Christmas Day. 

Charges, Deposits, Cancellations, Credits, Refunds

  • For your convenience we offer Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We also accept checks (with proper I.D.), cash, and traveler's checks.
  • The first day of boarding is the day your pet is dropped off. If your pet is picked up in the morning - before noon, there is no charge for the day. If your pet is picked up after noon there is an additional day of boarding charged.
  • Multiple pet discounts are based on a shared suite. We will allow for up to 3 pets per suite. And two in a comfort suite. We reserve the right to separate pets that do not do well in a shared suite; or are over-crowded In this case the multiple pet discount is no longer in effect. Pets who do not live together cannot share a suite.
  • We maintain two private indoor/outdoor suites for pets that may indicate a need for private care. Example of this would be females coming in-season, a poor temperament (aggression/viciousness), and a dog that may show signs of illness - to name a few. 
  • We ask for a deposit at the time a reservation is made. Deposits may only be refunded or credited with one week's notice and not done frequently.
  • Refunds or credits are issued when we are given appropriate advance notice of a cancellation or change in reservation (see FAQ #15). Soft reservations are discouraged. An example of a “soft reservation” is when a reservation is made at the kennel as a back up plan.
  • Cancellations include canceling a reservation entirely, rescheduling a reservation and shortening reservations previously made. In the case of late cancellations, rescheduling and shortening a reservation (without giving advance notice) the kennel may keep the deposit, or hold it as a credit. In the case dropping off later than a held reservation, or picking up earlier (shortening a reservation), the kennel may charge the original reservation.

What We Provide

We provide food and have all the bowls on site. We feed our residents a quality dry food. If your pet is on a special diet (puppy food, less active food, canned, etc.), we are happy to dispense your food.

We provide bedding.
What To Bring

* Please follow our "minimalist" recommendation

  • With your first visit, it will be necessary to provide proof of your pet's vaccinations. This should include Bordetella, Rabies and DHAPP. We have a brief informational form that you will be asked to fill out and sign.
  • When bringing your pets food - please ration out what your pet will need for there visit (with perhaps one extra day) and no more. Please no large containers and bags brought in.
  • We require that you bring your pet in on a leash. We will move your pet to our "kennel leads" to move your pet about while in our care. We do not want your leash left with your pet during their stay - our kennels leads are always available to assist you in getting your pet safely to your vehicle. 
  • While pet beds, pads, toys and chewies may give the owners a sense of comfort, they tend to present problems in a kennel situation. Bones can encourage aggression within a kennel. Soft toys can be lost, soiled and even ingested. Beds can become soiled or destroyed by your pet during a bout of atypical behavior. Beds can take up too much of the indoor space your pet needs to move about. If you do wish to leave a bed, it must be "pet approved" and not exceed 32" x 40". Quilts, blankets, rugs, throws, Cots, towels and the like, will not be accepted. 

Dispensing medications / administering treatments and / Select feeding for "runny" stools

* Pets on multiple/heavy doses of medication will be billed as Special Needs

Many pets come to us who are on medication of some sort. We can dispense or apply those medications so as not to disrupt a treatment schedule. The price is $1 per dose, and $2 for eye/ear drops etc. A fee also applies even when owners mix it in with their pets' food.

Pets whose stools become "runny" and/or develop diarrhea will be placed on a Science Diet feeding regiment until it clears or until picked up. This will be done at the discretion of the kennel. The cost per feeding is $3 for small - medium and $5 for intermediate to large dogs. There are many different reason for pets stools to lose form. While loose stools are not necessarily a concern, allowing them to go "runny" and/or develop into diarrhea are not good. Our disclaimer is that we may not always catch or correct "runny" stools it is a priority and in everyone's best interest.







Our grooming services are available to pets while they're being boarded. Please see our Grooming section for more information. Day baths and groomings are also available by appointment.

Visiting The Kennel

We welcome tours and visits by appointment. Before you decide to come out, visit our Take a Tour section.


When making reservations, we suggest calling as far in advance as possible to assure that we can accommodate your pet. Peak periods for the pet boarding industry are the major national holidays mentioned above, and the summer period from mid-June to September. During the off-season, we will always be able to house your pets. Please never assume we will be full. We also maintain a few open kennels for our frequent visitors, even through our busy season.

Online reservations are available through our website. We generally recommend first-time visits be made by phone or in person to assume all questions are answered and requirements are met.