Terms and Agreement

Charges, Deposits, Cancellations, Credits, Refunds

  • For your convenience we offer Visa, Master Card and Discover. We also accept checks (with proper I.D.), cash, and traveler's checks.
  • The first day of boarding is the day your pet is dropped off. If your pet is picked up in the morning - before noon, there is no charge for the day. If your pet is picked up after noon there is an additional day of boarding charged.
  • Multiple pet discounts are based on a shared suite. We will allow for up to 3 pets per suite. And two in a comfort suite. We reserve the right to separate pets that do not do well in a shared suite. In this case the multiple pet discount is no longer in effect.
  • We maintain two private indoor/outdoor suites for pets that may indicate a need for special attention. Example of this would be females coming in-season, intact males that act-out excessively, poor temperament (aggression/viciousness), and a dog that may show signs of illness - to name a few. The daily rate for Special Needs Care is $45.
  • We ask for a deposit at the time a reservation is made.
  • Refunds or credits are issued when we are given appropriate advance notice of a cancellation or change in reservation (see FAQ #15). Soft reservations are discouraged. An example of a “soft reservation” is when a reservation is made at the kennel as a back up plan.
  • Cancellations include canceling a reservation entirely and shortening reservations previously made. In the case of late cancellations (not giving advance notice) the kennel may keep the deposit, or hold it as a credit. In the case dropping off later than a held reservation, or picking up earlier, the kennel may charge the original reservation.